Down to Business
Heather has been a part of the Boomerang team since September 2010, providing executive assistance with a smile daily.  Heather’s strong communication skills, efficiency, graphic design skills and ability to lead clients in the right direction are what make her an indispensable piece of the Boomerang puzzle.

The Fun Stuff
On Heather’s playlist:  Currently, I am loving The Rolling Stones, Foster the People, Adele, Florence and the Machine, Rihanna and The Black Keys, to name a few. 

Out of the office:  I love to be a tourist in my own city of Toronto, attending street festivals, sporting events and concerts, but I also try to fit in as many weekend getaways as I can, to cottage country, Niagara on the Lake and beyond.

Lights out: Watermelon By Marian Keyes

Liquid Courage:  Tea, Diet Coke and wine…not necessarily in that order! 

Bucket List:  Sky-diving – a no-brainer!